An Opportunity on the way to church

Ali is a 53-year-old doorman who Brother ‘S’ has encountered every Sunday on his way to church for the past six months. Initially, Brother ‘S’ would greet him casually and Ali would return the greeting. Eventually, Brother ‘S’ introduced himself and shook Ali’s hand. Each Sunday since, Brother ‘S’ has asked Ali about his and his family’s well-being. The Lord has given Brother ‘S’ a heart of compassion toward Ali. 

One Sunday, Ali was waiting for Brother ‘S’ in the front of the building where he works. He knew precisely when Brother ‘S’ would pass by, but this week Brother ‘S’ was late. Ali said he had been waiting for hours and asked why Brother ‘S’ was late. Slightly perplexed, Brother ‘S’ explained and asked if everything was okay? Ali began to share from his heart. He said Brother ‘S’ treats him kindly and in a way that is different from how others treat him. The humble and loving way Brother ‘S’ greets him and asks about his family and his circumstances encourages him. It is a kind of loving care that he has never felt from anyone. Ali mentioned that the people he works for, who see him daily, do not care for him and they treat him as if he were not good enough for them to greet. Being a doorman is a very humble job. Ali exclaimed to Brother ‘S’ “You come, greet me, and show me how much you care for me!” Then he said, “The smile that I see, the light that surrounds you when you come. Let me tell you this, you will be in paradise!” Brother ‘S’ asked him, “How about you? Will you be with me in Paradise?” Ali did not know, and Brother ‘S’ told him it would be shameful if he were to be in Heaven without Ali! 


Brother ‘S’ shared the story of God’s love for everyone with Ali. He spoke the message of salvation, from Genesis to the end! Ali had tears in his eyes, and his lips trembled words of praise! In the end, Brother ‘S’ told Ali he should not feel forced to follow and believe in what Brother ‘S’ believes. Rather, he encouraged Ali to set aside a quiet time, bow down and ask God directly to reveal His truth. He then told Ali if he was interested in the Gospel, which Brother ‘S’ believes and shared from, he would have a copy ready to give to him. 


Brother ‘S’ said, “I still meet my friend Ali coming and going to church. I am not sure if he has decided to follow Christ. Still, he is passionately open to hear about the love of Christ, about the humbleness of Christ. His eyes are opened to the love of Christians for all people, regardless of their colour, race, academic level, or social status!” 


Please pray that Ali would come to know Jesus as his Lord and Savior. In addition, pray for Brother ‘S’ to be safe as he shares his faith and builds the Body of Christ in Morocco.

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