about us

Living Stones International (LSI) was founded in l992 (as News Service 2000) for the sole purpose of helping the Persecuted Church around the world. Our personnel have traveled in communist countries in Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe. However, much of the work of LSI today is focused on the Muslim Majority Countries, with ongoing projects in the Middle East and North Africa.

dr. pat

In 1975, Dr. Pat started a new journey by accepting Jesus Christ into her life as Lord and Savior. At that time, she had no idea of the mighty plans He had for her willing heart. He has led her step by step over the last 40-plus years, giving her the opportunity to minister to thousands who are being persecuted because of their faith in Jesus.

Soon after she became a Christian, Dr. Pat heard about the plight of the persecuted church through the ministry of Brother Andrew (author of God's Smuggler, Light Force, and more), leading her to take her first trip in 1982 smuggling Bibles into China. As she crossed the border into China where Bibles, pornography, and drugs were not allowed, God blinded the customs agent’s eyes as they looked right at the Bibles stashed in her bags and she was allowed to pass. This was one of many experiences where Dr. Pat saw the mighty power of God. 

Still maintaining her veterinary practice, Dr. Pat took short-term trips traveling to communist countries. However, God made it clear that this would become a full-time ministry. She left her practice in 1988 and committed her entire life to serving Jesus by being His hands and feet to the persecuted church. In 1992, Dr. Pat established News Service 2000 (now Living Stones International).

For more than twenty years, the focus of the ministry has been to the Muslim Majority countries in the Middle East and parts of Africa. As Founder and Executive Director, Dr. Pat still travels overseas, meeting and encouraging persecuted brothers and sisters. During her travels, she also gathers information in order to start various programs to aid these Christians - both physically and spiritually. She has built many long-term relationships with Christian leaders, which has opened many doors for ministry. Pat has also worked closely with Bible Societies from around the world and has provided hundreds of thousands of Bibles to Christians in these areas.

When not traveling overseas, Dr. Pat tells the stories of the persecuted at various Christian venues including churches, Bible Studies, prayer groups, and conferences to raise awareness and prayer support. Living Stones International also encourages others to pray by publishing a monthly prayer letter and sending out urgent prayer needs via e-mail. The relationships she has built with these brothers and sisters around the world have opened the eyes of many to the reality of persecution. 

The persecuted Christians understand the power of prayer. In Dr. Pat's 40-plus years of travel, not once have they asked for prayer that the persecution end. They do ask for prayer that they remain faithful. Then they ask for Bibles. They have said, “Don’t call us the Suffering Church. Rather, call us the Victorious Church!” 

In her free time, Dr. Pat enjoys the glorious creation of our God and watching the intricate details He has placed in the animals and nature surrounding her. Camping in the summer gives her a great opportunity to do so. Even though she left the veterinary practice for ministry, she still has a love for pets, especially cats.

brother Dave

Raised in a Christian home in America, Brother Dave grew up knowing about Christ, knowing the Bible as the Word of God, and knowing what it meant to have the freedom to worship together as the Body of Christ. What he did not know was that the majority of the world's population does not have this freedom. News of persecution were, to him, isolated incidences of intolerance in other countries.

Through the work of Dr. Pat and Living Stones International (LSI), God began to reveal the plight of the Body of Christ in much of the world. He began to read books about persecution in the Middle East, Africa, China, India, and other countries, and his heart was moved to get involved.

In September of 2016, Brother Dave came on staff full-time with Living Stones International. He began with a trip with Dr. Pat to the Middle East and North Africa. That trip opened his eyes and his heart to the realities of what Christians face in these countries. Since that time, he has been traveling twice a year for almost a month at a time praying with, encouraging, and helping Christians in different countries. His compassion for the Body of Christ around the world has grown deep.

A project manager in the Construction field for many years, Brother Dave has now been in full-time ministry for more than 14 years; first as the State Director for Child Evangelism Fellowship of Minnesota and then moving to LSI to work with the Body of Christ in countries where persecution of Christians is the norm. He also speaks in churches here in America to inform Christians of how they can pray for their brothers and sisters around the world. 

Brother Dave is married to his high school sweetheart Barb, and together they have four adult children, four wonderful ‘in-laws,’ and a growing number of grandchildren.