"brahan" continued

Brahan started examining the Christian faith after seeing Muslims kill Christians outside of a church on Christmas Eve. He wondered why Muslims were killing innocents as they were doing nothing but engaging in their worship. So he began seeking information about Christianity on the Internet and eventually converted to Christianity. 

As a result of his conversion, Brahan’s neighbors harassed and humiliated him. His Muslim family turned against him telling the police that he was a traitor to Islam, punishable by death according to Islamic law. He was soon arrested and put into jail, where he was tortured with electric shocks to his ear lobes, nose, lips, fingertips, and other sensitive areas. 

One severe beating fractured his skull resulting in permanent brain damage. Had he agreed to turn back to Islam, the tortures would have stopped, but he refused to deny Jesus Christ. Finally, as he was nearing death, the prison guards threw him out on the street. Since his release, Brahan has struggled. He has no support from his Muslim family. 


Because of injuries he sustained while in jail (he walks with great difficulty, his hands and arms shake constantly, he has memory problems, and talks haltingly) he has been unable to hold down a job. He is extremely poor. 

Brahan is living in Garbage City where he remains in hiding from his family for fear they will kill him. Recently, our co-worker, Pastor Jack noticed that Brahan was wearing a pair of very worn slippers instead of shoes. 

Brahan does receive some funding from a generous Living Stones International donor, but by the time he buys food, clothing, and other necessities, visits doctors for his infirmities, and pays rent, he has precious little left. Therefore, Pastor Jack took him to buy some new, much-needed shoes. Though Brahan continues to remain in hiding, he is grateful for the help he has received through your prayers and gifts.