Even the Young are persecuted

Adam is an 11-year-old boy whose family has been greatly persecuted over the years because of their faith in Christ. His father is in a wheelchair, which makes life even more difficult. Last spring, at the end of the school year, Adam’s class was given the assignment to write an essay on how their family celebrates Ramadan (the Islamic month of fasting and prayer). 

When Adam handed in his essay, the paper was blank. Adam’s teacher asked why he hadn’t written anything. Adam answered, “I am a Christian. My father and mother are also Christians. I don’t believe in the holiness of Ramadan, either its religious traditions or anything related to Islam. I believe in Jesus Christ, that He is our one true God!”

After Adam’s courageous response, the teachers and school administration held a meeting to discuss his case. They decided to invite Adam’s father to the school to discuss the issue. At the school, the teacher informed him what had happened. She also asked many questions, and insulted, and disgraced him for not raising his son in the Islamic tradition.

Adam’s father remained silent, waiting for the teacher to finish. He then replied that his family is not Muslim, that they are indeed Christians, and believe Jesus Christ to be The Truth. He explained that his son did not write the required essay because he is a Christian and does not celebrate Ramadan. He also reminded the school officials his son was doing excellent in all his studies not related to Islam. The teacher agreed that Adam is an excellent student and she admitted that she had searched for something that would allow her to expel Adam from school but was unable to find anything. She asked if Adam would consider writing something about Ramadan to help her avoid humiliation. Adam’s father replied to the teacher that he had raised Adam to make his own decisions, but the teacher could certainly ask Adam to write about Ramadan. He would support whatever Adam decided.

We haven’t yet heard what Adam decided or what the school ended up doing, but we do know that this family faced a very difficult situation with a strong testimony of their faith in Jesus Christ! We will give you an update as soon as we are able.