harriet in chains

"Harriet" was raised in a Muslim family. Early in her life, her father divorced her mother and married a younger woman. Harriet received no love from her father nor her stepmother. When she was in primary school, a classmate told her about Jesus and His love for her. She was intrigued and asked many questions, so her classmate gave her a Bible. Eventually, Harriet decided to follow Jesus and became a secret Believer.

Harriet grew in her relationship with Christ and learned to lean on Him. Then her father discovered her Bible and was furious. He destroyed Harriet's Bible and shouted that Harriet had brought shame upon his family. Her father's solution to this problem was to have her marry an older Muslim man who would "put her in her place." Harriet was just 14 years old! She refused, so her father beat her, put shackles on her wrists and ankles, and chained her to her bed until she would reject her faith and marry the man he had chosen for her. She was given a bucket as a toilet which she could shuffle to when needed.

Harriet remained imprisoned in this manner for two months until one day, her stepmother brought her a meal of bread and olive oil. At that moment, her stepmother received a phone call that her father was very ill. She ran out of the room, forgetting to lock the bedroom door. Harriet knew this was her chance. She smeared her wrists and ankles with the oil and managed to wriggle out of the bonds. She fled through the open door and found refuge with Christians who were able to take her in.

The Christians who took her in are also former Muslims and as such, they have a difficult time finding work and are subsequently, very poor. Harriet, now 18 years old, has moved countless times to live with families who can only afford to shelter her for a short time. She is constantly on alert and hiding from her father.

We asked our contact if she could marry a man who has also left Islam for Christianity, but he said all these Muslim Background Believers (MBBs) are very poor and would have a hard time supporting her or a family. She also had her education cut short, so she does not have the skills to get a decent job.

Please pray for Harriet, that God will continue to protect her, provide for her, and put people in her life who encourage her.