No such thing!

"Yasmin" is a 23-year-old who was raised in a devout Muslim family in a conservative religious village. She left her village and moved to a larger city to pursue an education. She plans to major in Biology.

While exploring the new city where she was studying, she saw a Catholic church with a cross on it. She remembered a dream from when she was younger. In her dream, she saw a similar building, and there was a man in white with a bright light shining on him. He stood in the entrance with his hands open, as if telling her, "Come to me, do not fear."

She shared this vision with her friend, "Ben," who also happens to be a friend of our contact in this country. Ben told her something she couldn't believe. He told her there were people right here from their country who were Christians. She replied with utter disbelief, "What you are saying is nonsense! There is no such thing as a Christian in this country." He then shared with her that he has a friend who was a Muslim and is now a Christian. He asked her if she wanted to meet our contact, and she agreed to meet with him.

Our contact traveled to her city and met with them both. Yasmin was shocked to see a face with the same nationality as hers, speaking with the same accent as hers from a Christian Believer! Our contact shared his story with her, how God transformed him from a religious member of an extreme Muslim group to now living as a devoted follower of Christ.

Yasmin was excited to hear the story of how the Lord changed his life, and had questions about prayer, the Trinity, the authenticity of the Bible, and so much more. For two hours, our contact was able to answer her questions. At the end of their conversation, our contact offered her a gift, the Holy Bible. She cheerfully accepted, and as he gave her the Bible, he noticed her hands shaking, and tears forming. He asked permission to pray for them, that she would know the truth and the truth would set her free, and for Ben to be a blessing to Yasmin.

Our contact then asked if she would like to be connected with a sister in Christ, and she was excited for the opportunity to meet another Believer. Yasmin said, "I never thought about getting to meet a Christian in my country! I never imagined getting a Bible from a Christian!"

Please pray for Yasmin, that the truth shared with her will draw her to knowing Jesus as her Lord and Savior.