Tested Faith

Brother Samuel in India has asked for prayer for two of our sisters: “Amy,” who is the mother, and “Kaya,” who is her daughter. Amy, previously a Hindu, became a Christian about 15 years ago in Samuel’s church. She has two daughters, and their father committed suicide when the girls were very young.

Amy’s older daughter was married after finishing her 12th year of school. Kaya, her younger daughter, managed to graduate from a Hindu college with a Bachelor of Commerce degree. This degree provides students with a wide range of managerial skills and understanding in areas such as finance, accounting, taxation, and management. Considering Kaya had suffered a brain illness, this was an amazing accomplishment! 

After graduating, Kaya interviewed for a job at the same college where she earned her degree. She was offered the position and asked to come in and complete some formalities before starting. When asked if she was a Muslim, she told them she was a Christian. Upon hearing this, they refused to hire her. This is not an uncommon practice. Though India’s constitution states they are a secular nation which protects freedom of religion, religious minorities still suffer from persecution and discrimination. 

Prior to Kaya being turned down for this job, Amy had lost hers. She had been working as a “helper” with household chores in people’s homes. One day she suffered an accident and broke her femur. She is now unable to work, and walking has become extremely difficult for her. It has been a time of testing their faith.

Kaya now has a job working in a small candy shop. While it does provide some income, it is not what her education deserves. Samuel keeps in contact and helps when he can. Please pray for Kaya, Amy, and all our brothers and sisters living in India.