What is the need for bibles today?

Over half of the world today does not have religious freedom. In many of these countries, Christians have either limited or no access to Bibles. There are some Christians who have never owned their own Bible.

When our workers visit these areas, the Persecuted Christians ask first for prayer and then for Bibles. Even in refugee camps where many Christians are forced to live without proper nutrition or basic medical care, they ask for Bibles. They seem to understand that this life is short, so they ask for spiritual food in preparation for eternity.

How do you deliver the Bibles?

Whenever possible, Living Stones International goes through the legal channels, working with the local governments and the Bible Societies. However, when Bibles are needed and the religious or governmental agencies will not allow importation, "creative" ways have to be implemented. Christians living in these restricted countries choose to risk their lives to receive and distribute the Bibles.

We deliver only what is requested. We do not go in "blind" to a restricted country and pass out Bibles on street corners. Our foremost concern is for the safety of our Brothers and Sisters who live in these countries.

What type of Bibles do you distribute?

We deliver the types of Bibles that the churches request. There are many different translations in many languages, but the Christians have preferences just as we do. In Egypt, for example, the preferred translation in Arabic is the Vandyke version, comparable to our King James.

Once a request is given, we do all we can to meet the specific needs of that request. Sometimes the request is for Bibles, sometimes teaching/discipleship aids, sometimes for New Testaments or Gospels, and sometimes for study Bibles or Pastoral books.

What does a bible cost?

Price, of course, varies on the version and size of the Bible. Most Arabic Bibles cost $10.00 to print according to the Bible Societies that provide them for us. Many times, however, they subsidize the cost, so we can provide a full, hard cover, Arabic bible for under $5.00. In some countries, we can provide a New Testament for as little as $.50

It is estimated that for every Bible that we deliver, it is shared by 10 people. So, if a Bible costs $10.00 and ten people read it, then we can reach one person with the Word of God for as little as $1.00.

If you want to help change the lives of those who are searching for the truth of who God really is and to strengthen those who already believe but have little or no access to Scripture, please donate here today!