The encouragement and support that teams can bring to our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ is immeasurable. Going to these dear ones and meeting them face to face sharpens the purpose of this ministry - to let them know they are not forgotten, that we are sharing the stories we hear, and we are giving the churches and Believers here in the U.S. the privilege of partnering with them. These trips often have life-changing impacts on the team members themselves, as you will read in these journals. May you be encouraged and burdened to pray as you read!

Kathy's Journal 2019

What a thrill for my husband, Andy, and me to meet, in person, some of the people for whom we’d been praying for, literally, for decades! This trip brought forth a lot of tears! I was in awe of the generosity of the Believers. They opened their workplaces and homes, offering to us cold drinks or a meal fit for an army. These were sacrifices of love as most of those we met were extremely poor.

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Barb's Journal 2017

It’s hard to believe... that it is nearly three years since our first trip to the Middle East/North Africa. Dave had just joined the New Service 2000 team a few months before and his first trip was February 2017.  I was blessed beyond measure when I learned that the News Service board had decided it would be a good idea for me to travel with Dave that first trip. They thought I should get a first-hand understanding of the ministry my husband was called to. This was wise of the board.

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Larry's Journal 2005

Isn't it ALWAYS just like God!

My primary purpose in making the trip was to encourage Christians in the 'Persecuted Church' who many times think that they are all alone. But isn't it ALWAYS just like God to fill OUR cups to overflowing! It was ME who came away encouraged!!! I was the one who left with a renewed sense of hope and faith and commitment. It was ME who was found wanting when I measured myself against these modern day saints of God! It was ME who had a renewed sense of the strength of the church in the midst of difficulties!

So let me share one small insight with you from this trip.

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Jan's Journal 2004

One way or another, He does, just as He promises...

I've had the opportunity to travel twice with News Service 2000 teams to Egypt and Israel to visit our Christian brothers and sisters who are suffering for their faith. Many people ask me, what is the purpose of your trip? I often struggle to find the words to describe the purpose in practical terms.

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Elizabeth's Journal 2004

"If you are found carrying drugs on your person, you will be hanged!"

This bold statement jumped out at me from a sign hanging precariously in the customs area. I gulped as this initial impression of Egypt sent the first shock wave of reality to shake my heart. There would be many after shocks in the following weeks.

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Steve's Journal 2002

A personal observation...

On a recent trip with Dr. Pat, I began to experience the awesome power of prayer. As we followed the path and direction of the Lord, His mighty shield of protection went before us, keeping us safe. More than a thousand people were praying for the protection of our group. I could almost reach out and touch the shield around us. We were able to provide encouragement and Bibles to our brothers and sisters in Egypt and Israel. No door was closed to us and no threat could penetrate the protection that God provided. For example...

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John's Journal 2002

Reflections on Mission's Trip to Egypt and Israel

It was amazing all that we learned and experienced over the course of our two and a half week trip. We were privileged to see the Nile River, the Pyramids, the Sphinx, the Wailing Wall, the Sea of Galilee, the Dead Sea, and much, much, more. 

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